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Our Services

State Of Georgia Public Notaries

License Independent Insurance Agent

Notarial Acts & Fees

Mobile Notary Fees:

In office Notarized documents

9am - 5pm $5.00

5pm-10pm $10.00


At your location:

Travel  to your location within 10 miles $20.00


Travel to your location beyond 20 mile $30.00 and up.



Mobile Loan Signing Fees:(Includes Round Trip Travel Fees and Notary Fees) Call for city specific pricing.

Loan Documents, one set (0-30 miles) $50.00 - $100


Fax/Copies/Printing Fees:

Copy/Print $.20/page Black & White

Copy/Print $.40/per page Color

Fax $1.00 1st page, $.50 each additional.



Insurance Services


Our insurance agent is an indenpendent contractor and representative of several insurance companies. We are able to assist you in purchasing Life, Accident, Cancer, Dental, Vision, Hospital, and Medical Insurance plans. There are also plans available for Hospitialization and Critical Illness.


Assistance with Medicare will be available soon....


If you need assistance with enrolling for medical insurance on the Healthcare Market Place, (OBAMACARE). We are trained and able to assist you in that process. You would be able to see if you qualiy for a subsidy or cost-share reduction, both of which allows you to pay less for Medical insurance.


Give us a call for more information. We are able to meet you at a location of your choosing or you can come to our office in Douglasville Ga.




No warranty of any kind is given by this document. Preparer is a Notary Public and is not licensed in the practice of law. If you desire personal assistance in deciding whether a requested notarized document is appropriate for your needs, you can contact an attorney who is licensed to determine if a document is right for you or and can make representations and warranties. 

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